Archipelago – Closed

Image:  What is this Popeye’s chicken you are all speaking of?

Last Updated: August 2023.

Current Status:  They closed.


Before Times Review:

First Visit: September 2019

This no frills, open bar space on the corner of 12th and U serves up tiki drinks and Chinese food.  There are a handful of outdoor seats.  Inside the space is one large open room with tables along the window wall and high tops on the other.  It is meant for accommodating large groups hanging out.  Connected to that is another room with the bar that is a little more cramped.

The drinks follow classic recipes and come in retro glassware.  As with many tropical drinks, they can go down easy and pack a punch.  Pacing is important.

The food is predominately Chinese and surprisingly good.  The hot chicken in a bun packs a different kind of punch than the drinks.  There is nothing too fussy and the dishes can add up to something more substantial than bar food typically does.  As noted below, Tim Carman put this place on his 25 favorite casual spots this year.

Other Guidance:  When it comes to attire, it is a Tiki bar on U Street, so you probably want to wear shoes.  After that it is open.  As for food restrictions, from the site: “We do offer a variety of options for vegetarians, but individuals with severe gluten options might find our menu slightly less agreeable.”

Rating: Worth Taking a Walk
Cuisine: Chinese
Neighborhood: U Street
Address: 1201 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Reservations: Walk-in

Other Critics/Voices:

Washington Post:  Tim Carman is a fan, and put it on his list of The 25 best casual restaurants in the D.C. areaEarly Going Out Guide write up from Fritz Hahn.

Washingtonian: Featured in Spiegel’s The 6 Tiki Drinks You Need to Try at These Washington Bars