Amsterdam Falafel

Image: Loaded Up.

Last Updated: September 2022

Current Status: The Adams Morgan location is open with outdoor seating. Take-out and delivery available.


Amsterdam Falafel does essentially three things: falafel, chicken shawarma, and fries.  It does them well and during most hours it is available to feed your cravings.  Pre-covid it had a legendary toppings bar that allowed customers to build their own from the bowl or pita base, but restrictions now require that they be ordered and dressed by the kitchen. Don’t worry, the full range of toppings continues including, hummus, pickled turnips, cucumbers, and garlic cream sauce.  The standard sandwich comes with more falafel than you might be able to eat, though you can order a smaller size.  As owner Arianne Bennett explained that with more than 4,193,000 possible combinations, “The key is to crush your falafel ball flat and then open your pita and put all the good stuff on it.” The falafel are made in house. The fries are a thicker cut and double fried.  They come with a range of sauces, including a mild creamy mayo, curry sauce, and peanut sauce.  Drink options are limited. 

It is best known as a late-night eats after a few too many in Adams Morgan, something of a high-brow alternative to Jumbo Slice.  But it deserves to be known as a very good falafel spot in D.C. that planted a flag for the golden orbs.  Like Teaism, it saw an opening in the fast-casual world before others, but also brought a commitment to do right by the food they were introducing people to.  It has also has been a great member of the Adams Morgan community since opening in 2004.  Covid took a heavy toll for them beyond just the business impact.  We suggest that it is worth swinging by to show some love and treat yourself to some good falafel.  And maybe relish some hazy memories from a few years ago…or last week.

Other Guidance: The shop is located on the main strip of Adams Morgan, with stairs to get to the first floor. Vegan and Vegetarians and GF (sub bowl for pita) can do well here.


Cuisine: Eastern Mediterranean
Neighborhood: Adams Morgan
Address: 2425 18 St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Reservations: Walk-in

Other Critics/Voices:

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Washingtonian: Dirt Cheap Eats 2006. It probably made the list other years, but only one is online.