Weekly Recap at 17° CxNW – 5/5/19

Image:  Brassaï (Gyula Halasz), Paris from Notre Dame Cathedral (1933).

We keep an eye on the city’s restaurant scene.  Here is a recap of this week’s activity on our website, 17° Cork by Northwest, D.C.’s newest and 3rd best dining guide.  The biggest news, of course, is we hit the 3-month mark.

Added to the recommended restaurant list:

Punjab Grill – The over-the-top opulence sets high expectations for this Indian restaurant.  The kitchen is doing well and sometimes meets those expectations.  Service, on the other hand, is lagging.  It is still worth trying out if it is in your budget.

Removed from the list:

Alba – Rumors of its demise were premature but not inaccurate.  It is now closed.  The fact Nicoletta Italian Kitchen moved in across the street with essentially the same basic Italian menu probably did not help.


We posted a review for The Dabney this week, the excellent mid-Atlantic restaurant in Blagden Alley that we think is getting better.


In our search for great wine shops in D.C., we focused on 14th Street this week, profiling Cork and Cork & Fork.

Other News:

Danny Meyer decided not to open a new restaurant in D.C., at least for now, and almost no one cared.  Meanwhile, the team from Taqueria Habanero opened a new restaurant just down the street called Tequila & Mezcal, and many people were excited.  The city continues to develop in stature and confidence when it comes to the dining scene.