Image: Tortillas about to be served.

Last Updated: November 2021

Current Status: Open for dine-in.  Orders can be placed via phone (according to the website) for pickup.

Overview:  Maïz64 deserves attention.  As a fine-dining Mexican restaurant, it is making a claim to be taken seriously, yet be a vibrant, fun spot on the lower part of 14th Street.  First impression is that it is succeeding.

Matching the ambiance, the food is serious food with playful elements, like the broccoli standing like soldiers to be felled so they can be wrapped inside the tortilla to make a taco.  The tamales are a rich, creamy treat.  The tortillas are done fresh and from the bar you can see them coming off the griddle.  The restaurant takes it corn seriously.  Not only is it in the name, as Gabe Hiatt waxed in Eater, the restaurant “will use four different colors of corn, turning whole kernels into masa through the process of nixtamalization and on-site grinding with a molino the size of a small horse.”  Having sampled a large part of the menu, we have yet to have an off-dish, and anything with mole is a winner.

The beverage list is a bit tentative. It includes some well-known Mexican beers, a mix of U.S. and Mexican wines on a short list, and a longer list of Mezcal.  The cocktails can be somewhat intricate, with showy elements.

The space is spare in decoration, converted from the prior occupant B Too.  A note must be made of the service.  Tom’s Post reviewed criticized them for being overly attentive.  On our visits they were engaging and friendly.  They checked in, but were not intrusive.  Tom’s experience was probably related to the fact they recognized him and wanted to make a really good impression.  For the rest of us mortals, you can expect a friendly smile at the door and solid service throughout, with a staff that is trying very hard to make the thing work in amazingly trying times.  Not something we would criticize.

Maïz64 is a good addition to 14th Street.  It has delicious food, friendly staff, and a warm atmosphere.  Give it some attention.


Cuisine: Mexican
Neighborhood: 14th Street
Address: 1324 14th St NW #64, Washington, DC 20005
Reservations: Resy

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