Colada Shop

Image: Cubano

Last Updated: March 2023


There are now multiple Colada Shops around the region.  What they have in common is a sunny disposition, some pretty good food, and drinks made for fun.  Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The core of the menu is sandwiches, snacks and bowls.  The new location south of Dupont adds a few larger plates like rice with chicken, jackfruit, or ribs. The original location off 14th Street is a little cramped, but the others spread out, as if designed for happy hour or brunch, with the laptop crowd able to hang out during the day.

The Cubano is a juicy mess in a good way with stewed pork shedding its moisture into the bread. Tom in the Post was an even bigger fan of the vegetarian take. Breakfast sandwiches are available and scratch an itch that might get you through lunch (or longer depending on how much you stuff in it).  Some locations offer even heartier plates like a Cuban take on eggs in tomato sauce.

The team of Juan Coronado, previously of Barmini, and Daniella Senior started the operation in 2016.  Though not prominent, Senior would go on to be a notable local entrepreneur, who also worked to make the bar at La Cosecha, Serenata, a thing. Colada Shop has the careful touch of a skilled team in the kitchen and behind the bar combined with a business sense of what people will like. If you are people, you’ll probably like it too.

Other Guidance:  GF and vegetarians can do ok.  The two newest locations are in modern accessible buildings, the original location is at street level but in an old building with an upstairs area for overflow seating.

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Cuisine: Caribbean

14th Street: 1405 T Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Reservations: Tock

Wharf: 10 Pearl Street SW, Washington, DC 20024
Reservations: Tock

Dupont(ish): 1900 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036
Reservations: Walk-in

Other locations in Potomac, MD and Mosaic District, VA.


Other Critics/Voices:

Washington Post: Tom put it at #10 in his 2017 Spring Dining Guide. Elizabeth Hart found it charming in 2017.

Washingtonian: Cheap Eats in 2019, 2018, and 2017. They are fans. – no designated thread, but a shout out on the Cubano thread.